Play Some Hilarious Pranks

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Pranks rarely require an occasion, but an event such as April 1st or a friend’s birthday is a pretty sound reason to pull a trick that will leave them for a few hours or minutes, dpending on the time limit. It also needs the knowledge of their capacity to bear shocks and anxiety. You can also pull hilarious pranks in the form of a revenge or if you are just plain bored and are looking for ways to break the monotony. No matter what the occasion or the reason is, pulling nice, humorous pranks is a great way of killing the boredom. One of the commonly tried and tested pranks involve cars. They are expensive and people use them pretty regularly, and the latter is a good enough reason to develop a fondness for them. Using this weakness, one can play memorable, harmless pranks with their car:

Broken Window- This requires a little planning on our part. You can go to a junkyard and choose a second-hand car window. Once it is brought, break it into small pieces. You can take the pieces in a container and go to the victim’s car. The next step requires you to have keys to their car, so borrow it from them. Once you have the keys, start the ignition and roll down one of the windows. The shattered car is spread all over the floor and the seat below the rolled down window. This will give the paaearance of a car break in. What the victim does not know is, the window is actually hidden.

Smoking Car- This may create a mess, both in the air and the prankster’s lungs, but the trick is worth it. You can take some vegetable oil, and pout it on the muffler of the victim’s car. It can either be poured or rubbed it in with a rag. Following which, there will be huge amount of smoke emanating from vehicle which will convince the owner that there is smething wrong.

Invisible Accident- This is one of those hilarious pranks which are guaranteed to give a mild heart attack to your friends. Write a note and make it sound like a hit-and-run- note. It can go something like this “I hit your vehicle and now I am in the hospital. Call me at the earliest, so that we can work it out.” Follow it up, by leaving a fake number at the end of it. Your friend will start thinking that he is in big trouble. After finding the note, they are bound to look for signs of damage and when they don’t find any, they will get confused. To really throw them off-balance, have another of your friends, pose as the “victim” which will give your pal the scare of that day.

1 Minute Prank and Hacks- This comes under the category of one of the most hilarious pranks, while in the office. It is called a screen flip. First, choose the option of screen properties and some video cards have an option to rotate the screen. Choose one of these and rotate the screen. They will be unable to do anything as their screen is upside down.

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