Clap Your Hands For Fun Or Prayer

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Striking both palms of the hands together give a sound called clap. Clapping is usually done to express consent or gratitude. It is done in a rhythmic manner and can be done alongside music or by itself. Let us discuss the numerous uses of clapping your hands:

1.Hand Clapping Games

A clapping game is normally played by two players but can also be played by more than two. It includes clapping alongside singing or reciting a rhyme. They are quite popular all over the world and loved by kids. It is ideal for kids from 2 years old and upwards and can be played by both boys and girls. However,, it is mostly considered to be a girl’s game especially in Europe and other cultures that are largely inclined by the European culture. The game includes clapping your own hand and the hand of your partner at intervals. At times the clapping might involve slapping other parts of the body and most finish by the players freezing which is ceasing all actions. There are many rhymes that are used in the clapping game and they are very common. One such rhyme that is used in the clapping game is “A Sailor” and goes like this:

“A sailor goes to sea, sea, sea

To see what he could see, see, see

But all that he could see, see, see

Was the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea.”

2.During worship Services

Clapping is a part of most churches means of worshipping. It generally supplement singing and makes a beautiful music when the congregation is clapping together. At schools, during the devotion exercise and also at gospel concerts clapping is also popular. Clapping awakens the spirits of the congregation and it is a way to get everyone involved so that they feel free to move and take part in praising God.

3.In Music Education

In music lessons, clapping plays an important role in assisting students to grasp what is being taught easily and fast. Students clap to the rhythm of written music so that they will become familiar with the tune and the variations between notes. This helps them to learn new pieces quickly.

4.During Presentations

During presentation ceremonies, individuals clap to applaud achievers. Typically when a winner or somebody’s name is called, it is followed by rounds of clapping from the congregation to cheer the person. This is common at graduations, prize giving services and so on. Also at weddings when the bride and groom are presented publicly as a new couple, they are greeted with rounds of happy laudatory claps.

5.In Music

In music such as hip hop, real hand clapping helps to create the rhythm or the beat of the song. It is a kind of produced clap sound that was once utilized in older genres of music such as funk and disco. You can really hear real handclaps recorded which is deliberately used to improve particular drum beats. The claps are more noticeable in hip hop music today.

6.In Acoustic Applications

To test the echo time of a room in acoustics, clapping is used to do just that. This works by using the delay time of the clap to calculate it.

‘Clap your hands’ happens to be the title of a few popular songs done by various artistes. The Black Eyed Peas recorded a song named ‘Clap your hands’ from the album Behind the Front. Famous rapper LL Cool J also has a song by the same name on the album Walking with a Panther. Clapping has also gone on record as there is a world record for the most claps in sixty seconds. The record holder is Tim Ahlstrom.