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Play Some Hilarious Pranks

Pranks rarely require an occasion, but an event such as April 1st or a friend’s birthday is a pretty sound reason to pull a trick that will leave them for a few hours or minutes, dpending on the time limit. It also needs the knowledge of their capacity to bear shocks and anxiety. You can […]

Common Law Marriages – Where And How?

There are a lot of options for people in love today to be recognized as a couple in the eyes of the law. Among these options, are the common law marriages. In general terms, it is the actions of a couple who are not legally married or do not possess a marriage certificate. But they […]

Let’s Be Aware Of Birthstones By Month

BIRTHSTONES BY MONTH A birthstone is a valuable material that signifies the month that a person was born. It is believed that they hold powers and personality traits that are distinctive to the person born under a particular zodiac sign. Wearing your birthstone can transfer powers to your body and mind. Classification: Birthstones by month; […]